Several events have been planned for companions accompanying IPAC’16 conference attendees. If you wish to join any of the bus tours, you must register at the IPAC’16 SPMS by April 27, 2016. Payment will be accepted in cash during each tour.

Companions are also invited to participate in the technical tours on Friday, May 13. You may also register for a technical tour at the IPAC’16 SPMS.

Get-together for Companions

Monday, May 9, 10:00 - 12:00

An informal get-together for companions of conference attendees. This will include a walking tour of the Haeundae District around the BEXCO Convention Center.

Price: Free

Busan Tour

Monday, May 9, 13:30 (approximately four hours)

A guided bus tour of some of the most popular attractions in the dynamic city of Busan. Sights include Jagalchi Market, Korea’s largest fish market, neighboring Gukje Market, an all-purpose market once the center of Korea’s imported goods and military supplies to US soldiers, and the United Nations Memorial Cemetery, the only U.N. cemetery in the world and burial site of 2,300 casualties of the Korean War.

Price: 20,000 KRW

Gyeongju Tour

Tuesday, May 10, 9:00 (full-day tour)

A tour of some of the most iconic sites in the historic city of Gyeongju, old capital of the Silla Kingdom (57 BC to 935 AD), located one hour from Busan. Gyeongju is known for its great number of archeological sites and cultural properties. The tour will include three UNESCO World Heritage sites: Tombs Park, site of 30 ancient tombs dating from the mid-4th to early 6th century, Cheomseongdae, thought to be the oldest astronomical observatory in Asia, built in the 7th century, and Bulguksa Temple, Korea’s most famous Buddhist template, home to a number of important cultural relics. The tour also includes Gyeongju National Museum, an outstanding collection of Korean artifacts and treasures.

Price: 50,000 KRW (Entrance fees and lunch included)

Mt. Namsan Hiking Tour

Wednesday, May 11, 9:00 (full-day hiking tour)

Mt. Namsan in Gyeongju was considered sacred during the Silla Kingdom and even now is home to many ancient Buddhist stone relics. The mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This guided hike allows you to visit several Buddhist relics while enjoying exercise and beautiful natural views. It is a medium-intensity hike that goes to a high point of about 450 meters above sea-level.

The tour includes Buddha Statue at Yeolamgol Valley, a typical Buddhist statue from the Silla Kingdom, presumably carved in the early 9th century, Buddha Relief at Yeolamgol Valley, a 70-ton relief that was tipped over by an earthquake shortly after construction in the late 8th century, and the magnificent workmanship of the Buddhist reliefs at Shinseonam Hermitage, and Chilbulam Hermitage.

Price: 40,000 KRW (Box-lunch included)