Following the close of the conference on Friday, May 13, registered conference attendees and companions may choose from three technical tours to KHIMA, KOMAC, and PAL. The tours are free to all participants, and a box lunch will be provided during the bus trips.

All tours depart at 13:30 and will return in time for dinner.

Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL)

Return time: 19:30

Pohang Accelerator Laboratory PAL is home to the Pohang Light Source (PLS-II), a third generation light source of 3.0 GeV, and PAL-X-ray Free Electron Laser (PAL-XFEL) of 10.0 GeV for 0.1 nm SASE FEL.

Korea Multi-purpose Accelerator Complex (KOMAC), Gyeongju

Return time: 18:30

KOMAC KOMAC is an intense proton linear accelerator of 100 MeV. It provides proton beams at 20 and 100 MeV for basic and applied sciences. It can be expanded to 1.0 GeV range in the future.

KOMAC requires all visitors to apply in advance for a Visitor Permit. Please return the following information to the Front Desk by Wednesday, May 11, 2016.

  • Domestic visitors: Full name, date of birth, affiliation, position, and phone number

  • Foreign visitors: Please the fill in the tour application form and submit a copy of your passport.

Korea Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator (KHIMA), Gijang

Return time: 16:30

KHIMA KHIMA project is to develop and install a medical carbon-ion accelerator of 430 MeV/u. The facility will be set up in Gijang county, Busan city. (Nearby BEXCO)

  • Note : As KHIMA project is ongoing, the accelerator equipment may not be installed in the facility on the day of technical tour. Therefore, please refer that the technical tour to KHIMA will be lead only for the building.