Foreign nationals wishing to enter the Republic of Korea to attend IPAC'16 should possess a valid passport and entry visa, if required. However citizens of countries or regions which have a visa-waiver agreement with Korea can enter without a visa for a limited time. Please consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a Korean embassy or consulate in your area.

Visa applications are currently subject to a greater degree of scrutiny than in the past. Therefore, attendees are strongly advised to apply for their visa no later than 3-5 months prior to the conference.

Invitation Letters

IPAC'16 will provide letters of invitation to attendees who are planning to attend and participate in the conference.

First Name
(Middle Name)
Last Name
Gender Male (      )    Female (      ) Nationality
Date of Birth Passport No.
Telephone E-mail
Job Title  (Professor, Lab Director, Team Head etc.)
Affiliation  (Full Affiliation Name)
Address  (Full Postal Address)

Multiple Travelers from One Institution

In order to expedite the application process and reduce processing costs, it is requested that if you will be traveling from an institution that will likely be sending more than one person, please work with your institution to submit all requests at one time.

Note: In some cases, Visa Offices will not accept electronically transmitted invitation letters.